Was my wedding day perfect?


Did I look how I always thought I would? Not really, I didn’t have time for any super awesome diet, my hair never grew as long as I thought it would, my makeup got messed up in the first 10 minutes due to excessive amounts of tears in the temple. But would I change anything now? Of course not.

Looking back even the first few months after I thought, “dang I should have done this, or why didn’t I think of that ..” But how silly is that. Our day, waking up at 6 am, doing my makeup twice, eating chick-fil-a between the ceremony and luncheon, having the reception flood the day before, and my hair not turning out, was not perfect.

But our day, seeing him in a sacred place, smiling ’til my cheeks hurt, sobbing, loving- not only him but everyone person I cared about who was there to support me, running hand in hand at sunset, and dancing under the lights with my man who can’t dance… it was perfect.

I love these pictures because I see those parts of my wedding in them.





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