No. 1

I’m sitting here writing  the first post on this blog… Although I’m not a huge fan of the word blog. I think It makes me sound a little superficial and I don’t want that. BUT, technology is incredible, I believe in telling my story, and I really do feel that life’s happiness is meant to be shared. So yeah, I have a blog. I know that everyone has one, but I don’t care. IF I CAN FOR ONE SECOND inspire someone or allow them the means to find the happiness and subtle peace that I have recently found in my life, then that is incredible. It’s beyond just posting pictures about my outfits, or what I’m eating. I don’t really think that’s anyone’s whole story. So I’m making a promise to be brutally honest, 100% me. SO here I go.

Love is one of those things I want to share, in fact it is bursting out of me! However, I don’t want any eye rolling here. For me It’s not like “here is all my lovey life in your face” but it’s more like, “I love him and its beautiful, it’s kind, it’s eternal. I can’t NOT tell you how much I love him.” img_6058


I’m stuck though. I can’t possibly accurately describe who Mason is. Besides being my husband he is the most incredible person I have ever met. He is a kid at heart. He is the kindest, self motivated, hardworking, motorcycle-building, airplane-flying, Russian-speaking, intelligent, humble person.


Lately I have realized that one of the most incredible parts of being married to someone is that you get moments in time where you see through God’s eyes for them. I see Mason as who he is and who he can become. Neither of us are perfect, but we see each other’s potential.

This first year has been unreal together. More of our story to come.